by Dow Group on August 25, 2020

Everyone knows how hectic it is to be a mom sometimes.

It needs a lot of hard work and energy to be present for your family and kids all the time. And we all know how moms are ready to sacrifice everything for their children, but it is about time to realize that you need a healthy body and mind to be able to take care of someone else. It comes a time where every mom feels exhausted and just want to pause everything and relax.

Whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom you need to take a time-out and care about yourself. Here are few ideas that will help you relax and stay motivated.
You may write a journal; it is a healthy way to express your feelings and let go of few thoughts that you can’t express to anyone else. By doing so you open a space for fresh ideas to your mind.

You may start reading, as often as your time allows, reading is a great escape, plus what better way to set an example for your kids! Imagine sitting with a book at one hand and a cup of great cappuccino in the other.

Another way to relax and give yourself some ME time is through yoga and meditation, it takes about 10 minutes only, or even few minutes may be enough. Meditation helps you relax and clear your mind, and cope to stress. Plus, yoga helps you stay fit and in a good shape.
Another thing you can do is calling a friend, open up and laugh, talk about things that are worrying you, have a second opinion and a different view. It is the greatest stress relief of all time.
Go for a run, make it a habit, choose your free time, jogging is a great energy booster and it helps you feel positive and confident throughout the day.
What about having a bubble bath with some light music, it would require only an hour of your busy schedule and it will help you feel rejuvenated.
I know it is not easy to give priority to yourself above the needs of your family and it seems impossible to achieve but trust me it is not. Remember you need to be a happy person to be an efficient mom, your kids need you to do this, make it a routine and realize how different you will be and how your kids will be positively affected by the process as well.
Start today and give yourself in!!

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