Microwave Potato Chips Maker

Microwave Potato Chips Maker


A must-have item for any kitchen lover, a perfect gift for people who love snacks and fun & useful set to be used at home

Easy to make potato chips than ever, enjoy making DIY chips with kids, families & friends. This Microwave Potato Chip Maker is great for those who are having a movie night at their house but only have a bag of russet potatoes, or for those who like to have everything homemade.

Healthy Snack Oil-free, low calories, healthy than fried chips

Plastic Potato Chip Maker comes with a slicer, which you first use it to thinly slice your potatoes. Then you simply place the slices on the rack and put it in the microwave for several minutes, and you will have your own fresh, crispy, and healthy.

Suitable for making also pumpkin chips, carrot chips, sweet potato chips, apple chips, carrot chips, etc.

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