Vacuum Compression BAG 50*60CM

Vacuum Compression BAG 50*60CM

Size 50cm * 60cm.
Save 80% Space.
Double Seal.
healthy and environmentally friendly.
Make sure to complete the dry clothing before they are saved in the vacuum bag otherwise it may result in the fold the clothing properly according to the size of the ba before saving them in the bag.
Clean the seal in case any old object should allow air into the bag. clip one end of the seal with a bag clip and pull the clip smoothly toward the other end.
save just enough room for the tip about 10cm of the vacuum cleaner place the tip inside the bag to take all the air out. to compress with hand push the body of the bag to drive out the air inside before pulling up the double zipper.
Turn off the vacuum cleaner pull out the tip and then quickly seal the bag.

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